The St. Dominic Savio Schools are located in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania. All three branches, Nursery, Primary and Secondary School, are run by the Catholic Diocese of Iringa under the directorate of Father Aidan Ulungi.

Our schools are English-Medium which means all classes are taught in English with the exception of the subject of Kiswahili. Also, the classes contain girls as well as boys (Co-Education) from age three to fifteen. Our schools have a strong ambition for advancement. We believe that education enables us to build a brighter future for our next generation.



The schools’ mission is to provide good education on a high-quality standard, principally to orphaned children. Thus, our vision is to enable children to live a better life after receiving excellent education. Our schools strive to meet each student’s needs, cognitively, physically, morally and emotionally to enhance their development. This Vision is met by using appropriate teaching methods and following the national curriculum.

We have always aspired to make our out-going pupils the best overall, which made our Primary School the best one in the whole region. We have constantly been looking for people from all around the globe, for instance our volunteers, who want to share their skills, knowledge and time with our children and our entire community. Moreover, our schools provide further opportunities, such as study tours and a variety of clubs to complement classroom activities.



Our objective is to enable each and every student to see her- or himself as a capable leaner. We help them to develop skills and an understanding of the world around them in order to succeed in it. That’s why our motto is: “We learn for life.”

Therefore, we see it as our duty to monitor and evaluate students individually and encourage the development of the pupils’ values. Those values enable the children to acquire desirable skills and knowledge and become a sophisticated member of society. In order to successfully guide the students to realize their full potentials, we try to create a favorable learning environment and include a counseling office on our campus.

Close relationships to our students are very important to us so that the children learn to share their problems. This enhances understanding and appreciation of one’s identity and values. It gives the pupils an opportunity to break barriers of issues affecting society through open-minded communication and friendship. It teaches young children to deal with conflicts and problems in society effectively.


School Life

The schools’ life encourages the students to prepare themselves for life. Acquiring knowledge in the various subjects is important but perhaps not the only important thing. School life helps to develop qualities such as honest, hard work and self-discipline. In addition, pupils have to learn how to get along with people and respect them, regardless of their heritage.


Our schools provide different services including breakfast and lunch, transportation, safe water, electricity and boarding school.