With the St. Dominic Savio Schools your child is able to complete a formal education from Pre School up to Secondary School. All our schools provide a high quality and balanced academic curriculum based on the Tanzanian syllabus and education system. Our pupils are involved in games and extra-curricular activities. We have two academic terms a year, the first one begins in January up to June and second term is scheduled from July until December.

We provide the following subjects; English, Science, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Civics, History, Geography, Social Studies, ICT and vocational training. We believe that it is necessary to involve all three groups, teachers, pupils and parents, in the learning process in order to achieve the best performance. Because of that, we rely on parents supporting us in accomplishing the students’ and the schools’ academic goals.

Our overall aspiration is to be the best school in Tanzania academically, spiritually and mentally, by assuring that the school management employs highly qualified teachers. We have special programs in examination classes such as class VII (seven) and IV (four) whereby we prolong the students’ time table to allow teachers to cover their syllabus and so that they have enough time for revision and exercises. Academically we normally write both internal and external examinations. While teachers focus on teaching and learning only, the examinations are prepared by the academic office to improve the standards of these. Beside, we always have weekly exams for classes seven and class four.

The best outstanding consistent performance has been our weapon to attract parents from all over the country for their children to join us. The following are the national results from the previous years and this year 2018:

Year Position District Position Region Position Nationally
2013 4 (out of 47) 4 (out of 449) 75 (out of 15,656)
2014 1 (out of 49) 1 (out of 458) 39 (out of 15,867)
2015 1 (out of 48) 1 (out of 467) 60 (out of 16,096)
2016 1 (out of 39) 1 (out of 232) 30 (out of 8109)
2017 1 (out of 38) 1 (out of 295) 47 (out of 9736)
2018 1(out of 39) 1(out of 315) 161(out of 10090)


For more information about the examination results please visit https://www.necta.go.tz/results/2018/psle/psle.htm