Welcome to St. Dominic Savio Schools in Iringa!

This website marks another milestone in the furtherance of the development of St. Dominic Savio Schools. From a humble beginning, the school has seen quick and tremendous progress made in all aspects in order to bring it to conform to the dreams and aspirations of its founder, Fr. Aidan Ulungi. The Primary School started with the mission of giving all pupils holistic and high quality education and equipping them with the necessary techniques and skills for effective learning. In general, we have been faithful to our motto “We do not learn for school, but for life!”, and true to our vision that “children will have better future life after attaining quality and good education”.

When I look back at 2002, when the idea of starting a preparatory & a primary school was mooted, we were driven by the urgent need to start a primary school to cater for the larger number of orphans who could not get the educational support they needed. At that time, the school was the first of its kind in our region.

In the following years the school expanded exponentially because of the rapid growth of the student population. We needed to open other branches to accommodate the increasing number of students, thus the beginning of pre & primary branch at Mkimbizi. We had also been receiving constant encouragement from parents and well-wishers to initiate a secondary school in tandem with the remarkable spirit pervading our primary school. “Where there is a will there is a way”so the old adage goes. We are immensely grateful and with absolute humility, thrilled by the fact that 3 years ago such a wish came true at Tosamaganga. We have also made a lot of progress developing new facilities on a new piece of land at Kigonzile. That, for me, is true development!

In the formative stages, St. Dominic Savio did not have academic offices which are very important components in academic success.  Currently, we have all these offices available with a team of dedicated teachers. In order to enhance the students’ development, we also established a computer department with the kind support of Telefonica Foundation in Spain which through the Profuturo Project, has provided digital learning management system equipment and ongoing training to help our teachers adapt to new methodologies in teaching. We have a counseling office as well, which supports pupils’ moral development.

Class 4- 2018

Finally, as a school, we feel we owe several people a lot of gratitude for being there for us. Foremost our Rt. Rev. Bishop Tarcisius Ngalalekumtwa whose guidance and wisdom has kept us going throughout all these years. To all our sponsors who have generously offered to assist us in every way possible up till today, especially the Diocese of Münster, Germany whether through individuals, different institutions and volunteers; the management of Congregation of Benedictine Sisters of St. Agnes Chipole; the Congregation of Teresina Sisters of Tosamaganga; the school board; parents of children of St. Dominic Savio Schools; the community of Iringa Municipal; all workers of the schools and the pupils. Their role as stakeholders and partners have enabled us to make giant steps in our development. It has given others hope, without them St. Dominic would not be where it is today!

God bless you all!

Rev. Father Aidan Ulungi