Every year, “Interschool Exams and Consultancy” prepares exams for classes four, six and seven, which are conducted three times a year. This year our school started participating. The students do these exams on different dates. This year we started with class seven which had their first exams on 28th of February and 1st of  March 2018, while class six was tested on 17th and 18th of April and class four on the 19th and 20th of April.

These examinations involved nine regions in Tanzania for class four and six, while class seven competed against seven regions. In class seven, there were 21 schools with a population of 745 students getting involved from all over the country. Both boys and girls from our school, were able to get the top four positions in “Overall Performance” in each of their group based on gender.

Following the exams, an award ceremony was conducted in Dar es Salaam on the 21st of March where one of our students received a medal for the best-performing student and a trophy for outstanding performance.

For class four there were 34 schools covering nine regions with a number of 1364 students involved. Our class four students, boys as well as girls, each managed to achieve five of the Top Ten positions in “Overall Performance” in their group.

For class six there were 10 schools of nine regions in Tanzania with a number of 298 students competing. In class six, our students did not only hold seven of the Top Ten positions in both gender groups for “Overall Performance” but they also got both first rankings.

On the 30th of May, the best-performing students of our school, accompanied by the head-teacher and other teachers, went to receive a trophy and medals for their excellent performance.

There will be two other exams from the same council in which our students will be expected to retain their performance rankings to keep these awards our students have fought so hard and well deserve in the highly charged environment, competition-wise.

May we achieve it“, is our prayer.