Our school is privileged to be among local schools which have partnership with Fundación Telefónica and “la Caixa” Banking Foundation in Spain to offer African children better education by using the cutting edge technology(computerized technology). We incorporate and intelligently assimilate our learning content into the learning management system and enable our students access their work through the tablets. For about 2 years now this platform for new educational methodologies has become a tool for all teachers at our school from grades 1 to 6 and our students have shown remarkable mastery at it in fulfilling their obligations in the assigned activities. ProFuturo’s educational proposal incorporates technology, educational content, and learning/teaching methodologies for teaching staff and students, with the goal of transforming the education of boys and girls. In addition, this project aims to welcome and encourage the participation of other companies and institutions in the education sector, and it aspires to create a large international network of centres that teach, learn and share knowledge in order to achieve better education worldwide through a joint effort.

Ten key messages about ProFuturo

1. QUALITY EDUCATION AGAINST THE EDUCATIONAL DIVIDE. We want to reduce the educational divide for children in developing countries by offering them high quality education that makes use of new technologies.

2. DIGITAL INCLUSION. Thanks to technology, we can avoid opening up a second divide for people living in developing countries: the digital divide.


3. PERSONALISATION AND MONITORING: The project allows education to be customised to the students through the use of different digital tools and also facilitates individual, personalised monitoring.

4. MOTIVATION: It also increases the motivation of students and teachers.


5. LOCAL EMPOWERMENT: This model of action seeks to train, facilitate the technology and empower teachers and schools to guarantee the utmost sustainability and continuity of the project.

6. CONTRIBUTION TO ECONOMIC GROWTH AND SOCIAL HARMONY: As pointed out by numerous studies, and specifically the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), quality education accelerates progress, inclusion and social harmony.

7. A GLOBAL EDUCATIONAL LABORATORY: ProFuturo aims to serve as a huge laboratory for learning, in different latitudes, about the most effective methodologies in order to constantly improve the project.

8. A PROJECT OPEN TO BOTH PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PARTNERS: ProFuturo hopes to sign agreements with the most important public, private and third sector agents in the field of international cooperation.

9. WE WANT TO HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM AND PROVIDE THE OPPORTUNITY TO SOLVE IT: Through a targeted communication plan and the use of technologies, we aim to raise the awareness of developed world societies about the problem and the historic opportunity they have to solve it.

10. THE GOAL: TO HAVE AN IMPACT ON 10 MILLION CHILDREN: ProFuturo aspires to provide quality education for 10 million children at risk of social exclusion by 2020.

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