St. Dominic Savio Kigonzile Day and Boarding School is a branch of St. Dominic Savio Campus. It was started in January 2018. The school is situated within the Iringa Urban Area. St. Sominic Savio Kigonzile Day and Boarding School receives all pupils from different religions. It was an answer to a request of many parents, especially those who are busy but also those who wish to take their children to the best school to get quality education.

Parents are assured that the environment is clean and safe for their children because of its team, which is taking care of the children. Being a catholic school, pupils are taught good morals and values that will enable them to grow and become good citizens in the future.

The team of teachers is very well selected to assure that students get good and quality education. The buildings are conducive for learning but also the pupils have the opportunity to participate in various games to refresh their minds after classes.

We would like to encourage other people to join our hands as we continue bringing up our new generation.

Thank you in advance,

Marieta Lugome