This is the new Pre School Branch of St. Dominic Savio, Ngelewala, opened on February 12th 2018. We decided to start this school in the midst of the people in order to provide education to them.

The people in this area are very happy to be with us and they are thankful for the school, because before we opened the school, they had to send their children very far. Now, some students can walk to come to the school without using the car. So the people are encouraging us to work hard due to their appreciation.

At the school we teach Kindergarten, Pre Unit A and Pre Unit B. Because of the number of teachers, the amount of experience working with children and the well-organized environment, St. Dominic Savio Ngelewala is a good choice.

Even students who are staying farther away from the school can use our transport services to attend school. Besides, we provide breakfast and lunch to the children. In the break times the students are able to play outside using our playground that has swings, slides and other equipment.

We are inviting you to bring your children to our school so that you can see the magic of our education. To learn more about our school fell free to contact or visit us.


Sister Debora Benjamin Ngonyani OSB