St, Dominic Savio Secondary School is a secular non-profit private institution owned by the Catholic Diocese of Iringa. It is located in Southern Highland Tanzania, Iringa region at Tosamaganga 16 km from Iringa town center. It is proximal to Kalenga Museums on the eastern part, and Historical Site of Isimila Stone Age on the southern.

The school is the successor of St Dominic Savio English Medium Pre & Primary School located in Iringa town. St Dominic Savio Secondary School was established in 2015 with 42 students as a co-education institution and equal opportunity education provider. It recruits students from across different backgrounds irrespective of their ethnic, race, religion and economic status of their families. Our school motto is “we learn for life”.

St. Dominic Savio Secondary School is an ordinary level school covers form One to Four. Up to this year we have 510 students. Academically the school is prospering as it began by providing 42 Division One out of 42 Students that sat for the FTNA 2016, and in the year 2018  the school is ranked 19 National wise in FTNA 2017 having division ONE out of 117 students set for exam.

As in accommodation, meals and moral stand, the school has enough accommodation facilities, provides good food and moral support based on Christian ethics. Enough space equipped with different sorts of play grounds that cuter for diverse talents of our students.
The school is closely concerned with the health status of our students as it provides dispensing services within the school vicinity.

Thank you.

Sister Matilda Chuhila CST