Yes We Did! It all came together  at the SDSD(St. Dominic’s Sports Day) bonanza?

Sports day is a typical event generally held once a year at the main campus -primary school. The whole school participates including all the branches and students are sorted and divided by grades for teams, or grades may be divided by classrooms for teams. Students are assigned a team color that they wear on sports day, and a variety of outdoor, team activities are performed for points.
It was a day “full of fun like no other” as one student was heard to say. To start with, our students from grade 1 to 6(this year) have to identify themselves with a “house” team. The houses take on animals names e.g, Tiger, Cheetah, Leopard and Lion. All students and teachers of saint Dominic Savio Pre & Primary schools do have to participate in all the activities of the day, and there are usually several of those. Activities range from those meant to invoke self-exertion and excellence in sports from individual students together with a manifestation of team-spirit.

  Activities :Races

There are a variety of races that are popular with our sports days. In a three-legged race, students are paired up; they stand next to each other and their two legs in the middle are tied together, giving them “three legs.” Students will then race a specified, usually short, distance. This activity calls on the students ability to “read each other”s pace” , adjust and synchronize their movement all this done with remarkable speed.

There is also the potato sack race. Here, children stand inside of large potato sacks and jump the distance of the race.

Finally, there is a plain-old relay race. Generally, a round track is used and teams are spread around the track. The first child will run to the second and pass off a baton, who will in turn run and pass the baton to the third child and so on until the last team member crosses the finish line. Points are picked in each of these races .

Spoon and Egg Race

A spoon and egg race is another popular sports day activity. Each child will have a spoon and either a real egg—which can get messy—or a plastic Easter egg. The child will run with the egg on the spoon to a specified line and then back to their team. The next child will then do the same until each child in a team has gone. If the egg is dropped off anyone’s spoon at any time, they must go back to the starting line and try again until they get it. The first team to have all its children finish, wins. This year we had younger kids show off their skills by carefully balancing tomato on the spoon.

Football Throw

For a football throw, hula hoops are strung up at different height and distance levels from where the teams are standing. Children take turns throwing the football, aiming to get it through the hula hoops. Each hula hoop is assigned a different points value.

Water Balloon Toss

Students are paired up and given a water balloon. Every team is put an equal distance apart and one throws the balloon to the other. If it is caught, the student takes a step backward and then tosses it back to their partner. If it is dropped or pops on the child, that team is out. The teams that keep catching the balloon without breaking it will continue to take steps backward until only one team is left. If your sports day is going to include a water balloon toss, be sure to tell the students to bring a change of clothes.

Musical Chairs
At the end of the event of the day, winners for various sports activities are announced based on the points gathered in each of those activities they have participated in. There is so much joy for everyone and losers and winners both look forward to this annual event. This year the lion house carried the day and were awarded a special trophy. We welcome all members of Iringa community to attend oncoming events of this nature to come cheer our young boys and girls as we nurture sportsmanship.

A group of teachers posing for a photo with the guest of honor
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