On May 5th, the large community of St. Dominic Savio Schools gathered at the Main Campus in Wilolesi to celebrate the annual St. Dominic’s Day, a day to remember and to pay tribute to the schools’ patron, St. Dominic Savio. The schools have been named after him to inspire young people to live a noble life as he did.

In the church service, Bishop Tarcisius Ngalalekumtwa pointed out that St. Dominic Savio was dedicated to a life of service and would often be seen in an act of praying while other boys of his age were out playing. The Bishop reminded the students to take the example of St. Dominic, who himself was an age mate of them, and commit themselves to excellence in their education.

Afterwards, different clubs presented what they had been practicing for the previous weeks. There were not only performances of the Pre & Primary Schools’ clubs though; also, the workers and students of the Secondary School were participating with dancing acts.

For some pictures of the event, see the gallery below.